What is Counselling?

Counselling is a much researched talking therapy that provides the opportunity to explore any area of life where there may be distress, dissatisfaction, uncertainty or confusion, with a view to finding a more satisfactory way forward. 

It involves talking in a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment in order to help you identify and understand what might be behind your distress. 

I will then work collaboratively with you to help you explore the possibilities, options and alternatives that
are available to you in order to improve your situation in a way that is uniquely right for you. 

It is about helping and empowering you to find a way forward. 

It is also about you learning and discovering new strengths and skills in order to be able to deal effectively with your difficulties today and in the future.

What is it for?

Counselling can be used to explore a wide range of personal and professional concerns including, but not exclusive to:





Low self-esteem/self-confidence

Self development

Relationship problems



Work/employment difficulties

Traumatic events

Couple Counselling

Who is it for?

Counselling is for anyone experiencing difficulty with facing, making or coping with a range of life situations, changes, choices or events. 

It requires commitment on your part and a degree of ‘psychological mindedness’. Together we will decide your suitability during an initial assessment session.  

Please Note: Counselling is not appropriate as a stand-alone treatment for anyone suffering from severe and/or enduring mental health problems, or anyone suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Under these circumstances, please consult your G.P.